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INFO(Writing, Research and Consulting)+ Buck Publishing=INFOBUCK.COM

It was quite clear that the Industrial Era depended solely on labor and capital, whereas the Information Era would be dependent upon not only labor and capital, but information.  Thirty-five years later after the advent of the internet, information that is accurate and reliable is the cornerstone of business survival.  The business entitled INFO was conceived in 1979, a developing network based on informational  sources throughout the US and eventually the globe. INFO's cornerstone was the information necessary for a settlement in the unprecedented case of Buck vs IBM; Federal Court, Roanoke, VA in 1986.  

Business Concepts:
A step toward successful entrepreneurship

Begin your journey.

Marketing Dynamics

What a good business suggestion can do for an entrepreneur.

Manuals for successful entrepreneurship

Practical applications to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Knowledge is Power

INFOBUCK.COM...providing knowledge that is reliable since 1979, via our business consultancy network.

Favorite Sites
EMIC Consultants provide assistance in correcting overcharges of hospital bills.

Don't let high hospital bills cause financial ruin without analyzing those costs.

Become a survey taker and pharmaceutical equipment salesperson today!

The Electronic Medical Records Business...  

Technology Updates in Healthcare

The INFO Shop is an advanced source of knowledge in the developing of technology in healthcare.  

EMIC Consultants can cross reference medicare drug plans.

Resources for meeting the immediate demands of those signing up for Medicare Drug Plans.

Don't pay more than you have to for presciption meds.

Cost analysis for prescription drugs will save you money...guaranteed.

EMIC Access...24/7.

EMIC Consultants provide cost analyses for prescription drugs, cross-referencing for drug plans, hospital bill analyses to correct overcharges, Emergency Medical Identification Cards, updating of information on ID cards, and replacement of cards due to loss with 24-hour support. 

Click here for assistance... 

Healthcare Assistance Available at the Healthcare Technology Center INFOBUCK.COM seeks to redefine the educational paradigm for healthcare nationwide with access 24/7 in order to make an income immediately...supported by Z-Track Security. 


INFOBUCK.COM...The Future of Technology in Healthcare