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I start by citing my former classmate in school, of whom I witnessed an exceptional ability to organize and delegate, at a what might seem to be a very young age. She became the United States Secretary of Labor.

Although attending a Catholic school, segregation was the prevailing law of the land in Mobile for all schools, parochial as well. However, the Catholic Diocese of Mobile would bring all schools together at this celebratory occasion once a year at the McGill-Toolen gymnasium for mutual prayer. While filing into the gym, I accidentally stepped on the foot of one of the white male students, to which I politely said "Excuse me, I'm sorry"...whereby, he just laughed and said "Don't be, I step on them all the time." Well, today he leads a worldwide following referred to as "Parrotheads."

As a representative in Mr. Elijah Muhammad's following, I met and observed Muhammad Ali up close, and was assured that the kind of confidence he exhibited could only be by divine grace, as shown by the qualities of other people I have met. These three happen to be more widely known.


I never met MLK, Jr. up close and personally, but I could see that aura of divine grace.

This entrepreneur changed the world of computerization for humanity like no other with his intelligence,  to which I attribute to divine grace.

What it means to become wealthy?

Our team...