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It is no secret, that white America has sought in general to keep black folk economically dependent on their society since 1865 via religion, politics, and even education...such as the use of Christianity, the bi-party political apparatus, and quasi-deceitful programs such as affirmative action. Booker T. Washington admonished the nation of this trickery which may have been one of the primary reasons, that America sought his demise with the assistance of some former slaves seeking social acceptance instead of pursuing economic independence as he advocated.

They felt that such pursuit would weaken white America as a whole to have a productively vibrant culture of slave labor to do what many couldn't or would not do in doing for themselves. So, all kinds of schemes were used to prevent the possibility...thus, the advocation of Christianity to keep black folk docile, politics to keep them misguided, affirmative action...a temporary band-aid, and even fear and death exhibited by the use of the Confederate flag used by hate groups such as white supremacists and the KKK.

It took me awhile to fully comprehend this diabolical philosophy, until I studied under the tutelage of Mr. Elijah Muhammad...

Elijah basically taught the tenets of Booker T... 

Thomas Jefferson, although a slaveholder until his death on July 4, 1826, saw the travesty of slavery in 1776, but slaveholders both north and south didn't want it acknowledged...thus, an eventual civil war.

Booker T. told white America what was necessary as far as reconciling the issue of black American slavery...the nation refused to adhere. Elijah predicted what is currently going on in the middle east between sunni and shia...the nation again failed to adhere to his profound wisdom...and still today, the talking heads, primarily white western prognosticators, have blinded themselves to an eventual outcome for the west in general and America in particular. 

Our books are available at libraries in Alabama and Virginia.

A message that is back to Booker T.