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Booker T. Washington admonished 100 years ago...

Marcus Garvey, a true admirer of Booker T. Washington but never having the occasion to meet him, clearly explains the spirit of his philosophy...   http://youtu.be/d08ZnxapXFQ

Black America did not adhere...

Social integration served no useful benefit to the black American populous as a whole and the factors such as politics, religions, and even education were tools used to insure that there would not be economic independence for the newly "freed slaves."

Presented a path to economic freedom...

Institutions such as the NAACP were created primarily by Jews moreso for their benefit rather than that of blacks, and this paradigm has been manipulated since by so-called civil rights' con artists in the promotion of the top ten percent of blacks in America. Do the research...   http://radioislam.org/thetruth/naacp.htm

Still today, America cannot contradict such wisdom....
Men such as Muhammad and Garvey tried to instill Booker T's philosophy...but white America countered by saying they were promoting religious hatred.
Yet, his wisdom rings true...

Revealing the real reasons this nation is in such turmoil...

Necessary to build a new nation within a dying one...

It must be renewed in "America's south"...thus, we have begun.  http://youtu.be/kq09OdUQEFk

Black America must consolidate its financial resources in a strong, economic banking bulwark and properly directed in community investments of food, clothing, and shelter.
The goal...economic independence.
Politics and Religion can't save you...you will either survive or perish as admonished by the wisdom of our forefathers.


United we stand...
You must become entrepreneurs of your future...
Those without vision will perish!
Join us in Mobile, AL February 14, 2016 for an "Informal Discussion with the Great Grandson of Booker T. Washington" at the Ben May Library.