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I begin this episode with a letter I directed to my former attorney, who later became the attorney of the tool the Jews in Roanoke were using in carrying out the ploy...the objective is to reveal the hand of anyone playing a role.


December 14, 2016


Attorney Deborah Caldwell-Bono
302 Washington Avenue, SW
Roanoke, VA 24016

Dear Attorney Bono:

As this case relates to "unauthorized usurpation" of my concept in preventative measures in whatever format causes me to vigorously defend my character and credibility.

I thought a little background information might be useful about the complainant Shawn Michael Hunter with allegations to the two warrants of arrest and the need for a protective order.

First, I have never met Shawn Hunter in person nor any of his relatives being all communication with consultants is done online or by phone, as there is no need for a protective order as he has alleged.

My initial contact with Shawn Hunter was June 3, 2015...540-278-3351 after he completed a radio interview with Gene Marrano of WFIR AM radio...540-345-5955 in Roanoke, explaining how he was attempting to assist ex-offenders in finding employment.

When I spoke to Shawn Hunter, I told him of my wanting to assist in this effort being that I introduced the concept in the Valley almost a decade ago...he agreed. I also expressed that there were to be restrictions as to his interaction with my clientele of the various churches because he was a registered sex offender...he said he understood.

Things went well initially with his keeping me updated with regular e-mail exchanges.

Suddenly, he went rogue and started this group called "100 Fearless Peacemakers of Roanoke" [with the assistance of Roanoke Councilman John Garland] and giving himself a title of "Supreme Captain" as some sort of authority.

I informed him that this promotion was not authorized by my business and could have negative ramifications in the eye of the public...he refused to cease and desist...thus, I chose to make public the reasons for my disassociation with the individual. The allegations in these warrants are totally false to which I will categorically deny.

Consequently, if you can't get these claims dismissed including the protective order with prejudice, I want a jury trial to contest them.

I have a solid business record for the past ten years, and I'm not going tp allow some "con" or "ex-con" ruin it with his self-serving agenda.




Bobby L. Buck
PO Box 12231
Roanoke, VA 24023


Addendum: The charges were thrown out after an appeal and I am now suing for damages caused by Shawn Hunter.



When thugs threaten, it's time to take legal action!

The notice of appeal filed with the Virginia Supreme Court is as a result of the Judge denying a cross-examination of the collaboration between Roanoke City Councilman John Garland and Garland Properties with Shawn Hunter. Gene Marrano of WFIR Radio was unavailable for cross-examination by being out of town, and the subpoena supposedly was not served in due time for his appearance. Attorney Deborah Caldwell Bono did not appear to testify to the fact that I had to put my business in hock for $50,000 just to get $1,500 for her fees to represent which the Judge did not or would not acknowledge.

Damon Davis, ex-felon from Florida, convicted drug dealer supported by Nancy Dye...

Mayor Sherman Lea invited this rogue element "PEACEMAKERS/PEACEKEEPERS" to the city of Roanoke, of which he now regrets, and who also refused to support Shawn Hunter in his bid for a seat on the city council.